16 December 2010

Twelve Coffee-Stained Months (2010)

My dear heart sister Dana posted this over at the cantina, so I thought I'd join in, as well. Her blog explains
The rules for this meme are simple, as explained by DrugMonkey: Post the link and first sentence from the first blog entry for each month of the past year.
So I present The Coffee Stained Writer in 2010:

January: One of my goals this year (I would say resolutions, but that sounds so...intimidating) is to read more. (from "Coffee-Stained Pages: an Introduction")

February: I'm adjusting to my schedule. (from "This Week's Task List")

March: Continue working on the coffee house book. (from "This Week's Task List")

April: Voting on the contest begins today (I know it was supposed to start tomorrow, but this is my contest and I say it starts today. Big whoop. Wanna fight about it?), and is open to all readers. (from "CONTEST VOTING")

May: Yesterday, you learned some things to keep in mind when selecting a beta reader for your work. (from "Beta readers, part two")

June: Traditional publishing is the process most writers go through in order to publish their books. (from "What is traditional publishing?")

July: Have you ever heard the term "BIC" in regards to writing? (from "BIC and me")

August: I know some of us don't really want to think about it yet, but I can't help but notice that November is a few short months away. (from "November approaches....")

September: Has it really been so long since I've updated? (from "All work and no play....")

October: The weather is getting cooler here. (from "Fall weather, family news, and a little sadness")

November: Congratulations! (from "NaNoWriMo Pep Talk #1: [insert clever, inspiring title here]")

December: Well, now that November is officially over, I'm curious about how the experience was for you. (from "NaNoWriMo Aftermath: How was it?")

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