01 April 2010


Voting on the contest begins today (I know it was supposed to start tomorrow, but this is my contest and I say it starts today. Big whoop. Wanna fight about it?), and is open to all readers. Simply select your favorite of the contest entries, then vote by commenting on that poem with the word "VOTE" (feel free to add other comments, of course). You may only vote once. The poem with the most votes wins.

In the event of a tie, I'll make the final decision based on whatever criteria I find appropriate at the time (alliteration, imagery, meter, moon phase, etc.).

The winner of the contest will be announced here on the blog on May 2nd (and via e-mail to the winner).

For ease of voting, here are the entries (in the order they appeared on the blog):

Untitled by Chris Rhetts
I Know Poetry When I See It by Jen Rose
Winding Sheet by John Pieret
Crowd Control by Julie Bloss Kelsey
While Writing Poetry by Paul Gustav Spohn

Good luck, poets!

[Note: This post was pre-dated in order to keep it from appearing at the top of the blog. It was written on April 24, 2010.]

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