14 April 2010

Winding Sheet

by John Pieret

Cast among the ruins
entropy exists
god winds down
and we are left
pirouetting shades
even pale in twilight
passing out and in among
the echoes of our past

Each and each
in turn
in transit
cross the faded sun
until what light fails
time collapses
and the darkness

1 comment:

  1. I vote for this one. It has something important to say. But even if it didn't it would make a great poem to read on account of the delightful images, rendered with such a fine economy of words.

    BTW: I had a little trouble deciding which of the poems by recognized poets I liked the most, but settled on "If We Must Die" by Claude McKay. It is not as polished as the rest, but gives you the sense that the poet himself is little more than the portal by which something terribly noble in the human spirit is trying to express itself. Now that's a pretty neat trick!



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