28 July 2010


Well, I'm trying to make a deadline, and my work website is down. Ragh! Hopefully it comes back up soon, or I'll have to be up very, very early in the morning scribbling away.

When do you become an author?

What makes an "author"? Most people will say an author is someone who writes fiction professionally, which implies publication. But with all the changes in the publishing industry these days, is that changing?

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23 July 2010

Have I been neglecting you, my darlings?

I'm sorry.

Since starting my fancy full-time writing gig, things have been a little crazy in both my work and home lives. But I'll be better, I promise. I'm spending this weekend getting caught up with everything, and starting Monday I'll be posting with more regularity here.

Incidentally, I've figured out why I've been having trouble with the coffee house book (again). I won't be changing the layout or point of view or anything like that this time, though. Don't worry. I know how curious you are, so I'll be explaining sometime this weekend in another post. Do you think you can wait until then?

Happy Friday, dear readers. Have a nice iced mocha and enjoy your weekend!

15 July 2010

Mr. Old Spice on Libraries

Waiting by the door....

I ordered a copy of Exercises in Style by Raymond Queneau (translated by Barbara Wright) last week. According to the handy-dandy UPS tracker, the package is on its way from Altamonte Springs to my front door.

Where I am waiting. Refreshing the UPS tracker every few minutes, and watching the dog for her reaction to hearing a truck driving down the street.

12 July 2010

The Writer's Calendar

Freelance writers write on a very different schedule than people read. Since many publications request that writers send submissions as far as six months' in advance, what's on my desk at any given time is very different from the mindset of "regular people."

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Write to the Point

According to Essentials of Writing to the Point by Allan Metcalf and William Kerrigan, the first step in writing effectively is to develop a strong thesis statement. A thesis is a one-sentence summary of your piece that requires further explanation.

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05 July 2010

BIC and me

Have you ever heard the term "BIC" in regards to writing? It stands for "butt in chair." I picked it up from Natalie Goodman, author of The Anti 9-to-5 Guide. BIC time means time you're actually sitting at your computer or paper or whatever and writing. Not emailing or tweeting or updating your Facebook page as you wait for your next free episode of Family Feud, but actually writing.