17 August 2010

November approaches....

I know some of us don't really want to think about it yet, but I can't help but notice that November is a few short months away.

And on November 1st, many of us will be undertaking that crazy, fun, scary, big adventure: NaNoWriMo.

I'm afraid I will not be participating in NaNo this year. I've been working a lot, and will be working even more for the rest of the year. Not only that, Hubby and I will be spending November trying to get everything organized in order to move into our new apartment.

However, I will be standing on the sidelines, cheering everyone along. I'll try to post at least one motivational post a week during November, as well as tips between now and then to help ensure your big, scary adventure is as fun and smooth as possible.

But I'm very curious: have you started thinking about NaNo yet? What are you planning to write? How's your preparation going?