04 December 2010

Puzzle pieces are falling together

I haven't worked on the coffee house book in a long time.

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Part of that is because I was struggling with how to pull it together in order to fit my vision of what it is, and part of that is because, quite simply, life got in the way. In fact, until NaNoWriMo rolled around this year, I wasn't writing any fiction at all for quite some time.

I learned a lot from NaNoWriMo this year. And what I learned prepared me for December 2010, in which I'm reorganizing everything I have for the coffee house book (as well as the funeral book and the wedding book--more info about those to come later), and preparing to start writing in January 2011. This means character biographies, a detailed description of the coffee house (perhaps even sketches, not that I'm really a visual artist), and pages and pages of notes in my notebook.

Thanks to my best friend and fellow writer, Kell, I have a better idea of the bigger picture of my writing, and am much better prepared for it.

Thanks to Hubby, who listens to me prattle on and on about random characters, I have a better idea of how the coffee house book fits together in terms of the funeral and wedding books.

And thanks to my heart sister, Dana, who has been a wonderful encouragement to me, even when I wasn't sure I could write the coffee house book, it's getting done.

Watch out, January. You're going to be coffee-stained.

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