09 December 2010

Things may be picking up

I've been working from home since before Bean was born. I've been working full-time from home (with a particular company) since mid-May. It's a good job in a good field, and I enjoy it.

Well, I found out recently that I'm technically still in the running to be a guide for About.com. I applied for the position way back in March, and when I hadn't heard anything after a while, I just figured it had been filled. Well, when I was perusing their available Guide positions recently, I found out it was still open, and they still have my application. If I get the position, it will definitely add to my workload.

There's also a similar position I just put my application in for, and am hoping to get some news on it soon.

In addition, I heard from a previous client (I did an editing project for her) who will have work for me soon, and will also have some referrals for me. (Squee with me, won't you?) I don't know how soon this work will be, but it'll be in the "near future."

So it looks like I'm going to be a busy writer. I'm glad for the work, of course, but it may mean I need to adjust my daily schedule to accommodate the additional workload(s).

Right now, I like my work/writing schedule. It allows me to spend a great deal of time with Bean, stay on top of the housework (I can't think if my kitchen is a mess!), and keep up with my writing. I work throughout the day, for no more than three hours at a time.

On a good day I get about nine hours of writing in a day, and on a bad day, it's still at least four. But I don't know if "four on a bad day" would be enough if I get an About.com position and the work from the previous client and referrals. Especially considering the fact that I have a baby coming in the spring!

However, I still intend to work throughout the day with no more than a three- or four-hour writing block at a time. Not only do I start to get a little burned out after three or four hours and need a break, but that's about all Bean can handle, too.

So the question becomes whether I add time to the beginning of the day before Bean gets up, at the end of the day after he goes to bed, or on the weekend when Hubby is home? What say you, freelancers?


  1. It might be easier to write before Bean gets up, since you might be too tired at the end of the day. I always resolve to get work done at night, but by then I just want to go to sleep.

  2. That's a very good point. Thanks!


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