06 December 2010

My New Office Space

As you probably know, we've moved. We now live very near to Hubby's office (we can see it from our balcony, actually, and Hubby walks to work) in a cute little two-bedroom apartment.

My office space is actually in the dining room at our table for now. We have a friend staying with us for a couple of months, and when he gets his own place, I'll be moving to the desk he's using now. When that happens, I'll have a bit more room to spread out (and keep things out during and after supper), but for now, this is where I am, and I'm happy with it. I'm in a good location in the house, I can have eyes on Bean as I work, and I have room on the table for what I need to do.

The only thing there's no room for at the moment is my printer, but since I do minimal printing, that's fine for now.

I'm still getting my space set up the way I want it, so I don't have pictures yet. But I have an office space, and I'm excited to be working in my new space!

Where do you write? (If you send pictures, I'll post them!)

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