03 May 2009

Prayer Requests

This week, please pray with me that:
  • my friend Pam, who was laid off just recently, is able to find a new job quickly.
  • Angie's friend Heather and her baby, who was born prematurely.
  • "angel_une," who had some contractions and is afraid of going into pre-term labor on top of her complicated home/family situation, will be able to find relaxation and keep herself and her unborn child healthy until much closer to her due date.
  • my bloodwork and glucose tolerance screening go well on Friday.
  • my husband and I are able to visit my family in central Illinois at the end of May or beginning of June.


  1. Thanks for the continuing prayer request! Heather's baby is doing well under the circumstances. He's been moved from an incubator into a crib, he's breathing on his own, and he's turning out dirty diapers, so all seems to be in working order. He still hasn't mastered eating, so he's got a feeding tube and that will be removed once he figures out how to use his sucking reflex. Heather and her husband Alvin figure he'll be in the hospital 3-6 more weeks. Three if he continues to progress, and six if he's struggling.

  2. Thanks for the update. That's wonderful that he's in a crib!

    Keep us updated!


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