01 May 2009

Post-Screnzy Frenzy

Well, now that April is over, so is ScriptFrenzy 2009.  I'm happy to say I "won" this year, with about two weeks left over to focus on new clients and new freelancing projects.

Writing Table 4 was a good experience for me, and one that has given me a lot of good insights into the coffee house book.  In fact, I'm using the outline from my script as a jumping-off point on the new outline for my book.  I liked the way the story developed in the script, and I think it would work well for the coffee house, with some variations.  Just as I'd hoped, writing the script has gotten me even more excited about working on the coffee house book!

My goal is to finish (at least) a full first draft of the book before my little java bean arrives in August.  I have a strict timetable for myself, and just as I broke down my writing for Screnzy to scene by scene and word count averages for each day and week, I'll be breaking down the writing of my coffee house book to chapter by chapter and weekly word count averages.

Whenever I finish a big event like Screnzy or NaNoWriMo, I get a feeling like I've been running full speed for a long time, and suddenly I've stopped at the edge of a cliff.  (Okay, not the most eloquent analogy, but I have been scribbling a lot lately, so this is what you get today.  Wanna fight about it?)  I'm never sure quite where to go or what to do next, and I have all this nervous writing energy pent up and waiting to be spilled onto paper (or my laptop screen).  I think that, since I'm going to jump right in to the coffee house book, this transition from April to May will be less...traumatic...than last year's transition from November to December.

How did your scribbling go in April?

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