18 May 2009

This Week's Task List

I'm going on vacation this week!  Hooray!  I'm really excited that I get to see my family this week!

I do have lots to do before we leave on Wednesday evening.  Last week I got more piled on top of what I already had going on, which was good from a freelancing standpoint, but it put me behind a little for my vacation task list.  So I'll need to work a little harder to make sure everything gets done.

  • Finish up projects that are due this week (formatting and natural herbal remedies articles)
  • Follow up with potential biography client
  • Let clients know I'll be on the road Wednesday evening and all day Thursday
  • Write blog entries to be posted during travel days
  • Outline two magazine articles and write the first draft at least one
  • Work on chapters one and two of coffee house book
  • Store pre-pregnancy clothes that no longer fit
  • Empty car trunk (and extra stuff) into the storage unit (with Hubby)
  • Get oil changed in the car (Hubby)
  • Figure out kitty care for while we're gone
  • Get ALL laundry done, folded, and put away
  • Clean the bedroom (Tuesday)
  • Prenatal appointment (Tuesday)
  • Clean the bathroom (Wednesday)
  • Pack and load the car


  1. Whelp. Looks like that should keep you out of trouble...

    Have a great and safe trip!

  2. Yeah...the list is about double that now. Hubby and I went through what we needed to do, and there were some things I'd accidentally left off the list. He was kind enough to set me straight, though.


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