02 May 2009

May isn't Just for Our Earthly Mothers

In the Catholic Church, May is a month devoted to Mary, the Blessed Mother of Christ, who is also the Mother of all the children of God.  She is a symbol of femininity and motherhood for the Church, and a great source of comfort and strength for people all over the world.

Many people take this opportunity to learn more about the Mother of God, renew their devotion to her, or resolve to pray the Rosary more often.  This month, I'll be highlighting information and answer common questions about the Blessed Mother, share stories of apparitions around the world, and explain the role of Mary both in the Church today, and the role of Mary in the life of Catholic women today.

I have been drawn to the Blessed Mother since even before my conversion to Catholicism, but I don't know lots and lots about her.  I'm hoping this month will also help answer questions I have, and help strengthen my devotion to the Mother of God.

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