16 April 2009

A Writing Prompt

One of the things I find myself thinking about when I'm stuck on a story is what else I could be writing.  I know this is my brain procrastinating, but I've come up with some interesting characters, plots, and settings as a result.

All this thinking has led me to a writing prompt, which I've altered slightly to fit NPM.

Write a poem about what you should be writing and what you wish you were writing right now.

If you do this exercise, let me know and I'd be happy to either post it here or link to it on your own blog!  I'll be doing this exercise myself, and I'll have the result for you in a few days.

Happy scribbling!


  1. You just had to throw out that prompt... my poor readers. ;-P

    Ah, well, I'll give them a real poem tomorrow.

  2. There was an assingment my Boss gave me
    Sometime last Thursday around two-thirty
    A detailed report on our customer's account
    Complete with graphs, trendlines and dollar amounts.

    I put it on the backburner
    While I worked on my blog
    Then I cleaned my desk twice
    And left early to go jog

    I wanted to finish it
    sometime this week
    But Google Reader is the devil
    So on that subject I will speak

    The neat little column
    Of my favorite blog items
    Taunts me when they are in bold
    And forces me to read 'em

    I try to read them all
    No matter how mundane
    I even read Dana Hunter's stuff
    Proof I am insane

    I get little things done
    So I don't get fired
    But my time on this big project
    Has almost expired

    Now I am working
    At a feverish pace
    In hopes I will complete it
    And save a little face

    But I feel my feet dragging
    On a Friday afternoon
    It's only 3 hours till quiting time
    And out the door I will zoom

    So no more poetry
    I've got a spreadsheet to complete
    I'm a dedicated employee
    But first let me check my Tweets.


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