17 April 2009

Tequila-Laced Poetry

Today Dana of En Tequila Es Verdad took me up on my little challenge and wrote a poem about what she should be writing and what she wishes she was writing.  Thank you for stepping up to the poetic plate, dear heart sister!

For your dose of original tequila-laced poetry today, be sure to stop over to her blog, read "Writer's Block Blues," and leave her some NPM love!

Remember: if you write a poem using this prompt, let me know!  I'd be happy to post it or link to it!  (I'll be posting my poem today or tomorrow.)



  1. *blush* Thank you, heart sister!

    Although honesty compels me to admit that in this case, it was pinot grigio-laced poetry. I really need to get to the liquor store soon...

  2. Well, alcohol-laced, at the very least. =)


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