17 April 2009

Suggestions, anyone?

One of the things I like about blogging is the ability to get feedback from people.  Take my current writing situation, for example.

I'm working on my coffee house book.  (Yay!)  The scene I've been thinking about lately is one in which a high school student wants to work at the coffee house because he thinks it would be "cool," and he expects he'd be able to get his friends free coffee.  Well, he's been coming into the coffee house regularly (nearly every day) to try and touch base with the owner--going over the manager's head--to get the job.  After a while, the standard response became that the owner is not in the shop.  Well, because of how often the applicant comes in, the baristas have a little weekly contest to see who can come up with the most outrageous yet could-be-believable excuse for why the owner is not available.  For example:

Sorry, Jeff.  You just missed him.  He had to run home and sing to his prize orchid.

Oh, he's not going to be in until later.  He and his golden retriever got in a huge fight last night, so they're at the counselor's office.

You get the idea.

Well, in the scene, I want to give several excuses, but I'm having trouble coming up with them.  That's where you come in.  I ask you, dear readers, to help me come up with the most outrageous yet could-be-believable excuses for this scene.

Whoever comes up with the best excuse (judged by me) will get a totally random prize!  Yay for free stuff!

All you have to do is respond to this post in a comment (please include your email address) with your excuse.  Pretty easy, huh?  Good luck!


  1. --He's not here right now, he's home grieving. His favorite American Idol contestant was voted off.

    --He isn't feeling well today. He ran out of sick days, so he called in gay.

    --Someone put LSD in his salad.

    --He thinks he was abducted by aliens because he can't remember what he had for lunch three days ago. He's out trying to find the aliens and the spot they picked him up.

    --He lost track of the days and thought Halloween was last week. He was picked up by the cops for soliciting a young woman while dressed as a cop, and he's still in jail waiting for bail.

  2. Nice! Frazzoo is off to a good start! Everyone else better bring it!

  3. - He's gone on a World of Warcraft and Red Bull bender and we haven't seen him in 3 days.

    - He took an advanced Yoga class at the YMCA and has been in bed with a slipped disc since Tuesday.

  4. I love it!

    Keep them coming, readers!

  5. He's in post op. Next time you see 'him', call her Simone.


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