21 April 2009

to do by NP

As promised, here is the poem I wrote using the writing prompt I gave.

I have a list of
things to do today

of tasks needing completion
errands needing run
chores needing accomplished

but as the morning

I find myself
from what needs to be done
in order to

update my list of
things to do today

so I am organized
and know exactly what it is
I'm not doing

instead of writing articles
I list the articles I need to write
and make notes about research to be done

instead of running errands
I rearrange the order of errands
for the most efficient gas use

instead of completing chores
I take an inventory of cleaning products
in case I need to run to the store first

at the end of the day,
my list will be complete

and it will be
a damn good-looking list


  1. LOL! You made me guffaw. I loves it!

  2. I don't know if psychologists have a name for it, but there does seem to be a habit we modern humans have of focusing on easy, less important tasks rather than tackling the big ones. I get a lot of cleaning done during those times.

  3. Me, too. That's why, when I have a big, complicated project to get done, my desk is usually spotless!


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