26 September 2014

Planning new family photos

Tink and Puck
February 2014
At the beginning of the year, the munchkins and I did family photos. It was the first session in what I planned to do annually to have photographic evidence of the growth and development of my family.

The pictures turned out beautifully, and I made a mental note to do them again in the fall to add to our holiday cards for family and close friends.

Of course, now our family has changed. We're no longer a family of three. With the inclusion of Bo in our family, it's even more important for us to plan new family photos.

So Bo and I will be scheduling a new session for our family photos soon. We want to make sure we get our prints before it's time to send our our family holiday cards.

Some of the pictures we had done at the last session--such as the one pictured in this post--will be recreated in our new session. However, with the addition of Bo to our family, I'm looking forward to new pictures that reveal our family dynamic.

Do you do annual family photos?

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