21 September 2014

Renew Your Spirit Sunday with Family Fun Days

Usually we try to do "family fun day" on Saturdays, but this week it worked out better to be on Sunday. Mostly due to the weather forecast.

So this morning after breakfast, we took the kids to a park nearby to play and let Puck drive his remote-control car on a big slab of pavement.

It was fun. There was a playground, and Puck conquered some of his fears of being up high and jumping down from being "too high"*, and the munchkins made a new friend in a boy named Vincent. It was fun.

This afternoon has been spent watching Disney movies and cartoons.** It's been a good day, and I definitely feel renewed. I'll miss the munchkins while they're at Monty's this week, but I feel ready for the new week to start.

How has your weekend been?

*With quite a bit of gentle, parental pushing from me.

**The kids are allowed to watch TV on Friday afternoons, and all day Saturday and Sunday, but not during the week.

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