13 September 2014

Going back to "my book"

I'm a day planner person.

I'm the type of person who has to write everything down or I don't remember it. So I use task lists and my paper calendar daily to stay organized and on top of everything that needs to be done.

The day planner I've been using through most of this year (which I like) doesn't have enough room in it for my weekly and daily task lists, so I also have a spiral notebook I use for my daily task lists (usually one page per day). It gives me the room I need to stay organized, but it means I have two books to keep track of, neither of which fit in my bag, which makes it hard to add to my schedule (or check it) when I'm not in the office.

So I've decided to transition back to the refillable day planner I bought at the beginning of the year to use. Not only does the planner fit in my bag, but it has room to keep everything together in one place.

This will make me feel much more organized and on top of things, and I'll have easy access to my schedule no matter where I am. It fills my need for pen-and-paper tracking of my calendar and my task lists, and it's refillable, so I can add to or take away from the book as needed. (For example, I take out the daily pages at the end of each month to reduce the bulk of the planner.)

There will likely be a period of adjustment as I move everything over to my book and figure out the best way to keep track of my task lists, but I'm hopeful that this will be a much better solution for keeping myself and my career organized.

How do you keep track of everything?

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