23 September 2014


"Herbst" by Martin Heiß - selbst fotografiert von Martin Heiß
(Originalgröße 3072 x 2048, fürs Web skaliert).
Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
I'm tired of summer weather.

I'm tired of the car being swelteringly hot every time I get in it, and I'm tired of sweating nearly every time I leave the house. I'm tired of weather being in the upper 90s every day.

Slowly (oh so slowly) the temperature has been falling lately. Where it was once 97 or 98, it's now 87 or 88. We're finally shifting to autumn in central Florida.

Of course, autumn doesn't mean the same thing here as it did in central Illinois, which I'm still trying to adjust to. But I'll still be glad for it to finally feel like a Florida autumn.

I have some clothing items I'll be happy to start wearing (jeans), and a few items I'll be happy to purchase for the cooler weather (new boots). And, more than anything, I'll be glad to open the windows and patio door during the day to let the fresh air into the apartment. I don't like feeling cooped up, which is how I've felt lately. It's been much too hot to turn off the air conditioning and open the windows.

I'm ready for that little bit of chill in the air, even if it's not the same as an Illinois autumn.

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