20 March 2015

Welcome, Spring

It has felt like spring summer here since Bo and I got back from our vacation, but today is the first day of spring. The Wheel of the Year continues to turn.

It sort of sneaks up on you in Florida because there's not really a winter here like there is elsewhere in the country. We haven't had the snow and ice and cold like others have. We only ran our heat a couple of nights the whole winter.

But today is more than just a shift in nature on the calendar, a day marking the coming of warmth and flowers and the new life after everything has spent the winter resting and recovering. Everything is getting ready for the change that comes with spring.

This is a spring of change.

My winter has been a bit odd. There's been a lot of chaos in our lives this winter, and a lot of planning and adjusting and anticipation for the next stage of many things.

So this year, spring really is a bit of a rebirth for me. I'm focusing on letting go of all the things that have been weighing on me on all winter. I'm focusing on embracing this moment each moment, living mindfully in the present so I can not only enjoy it, but so I can be much more at peace.

I'm looking forward to what this spring and summer has in store for me and for our family.

There has been a lot of chaos, but I still believe that 2015 is going to be a damn good year.

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