23 March 2015

Halfway through The Artist's Way

I've been working my way through The Artist's Way over the last five weeks (today is the beginning of week six for me).

I've gone through part of the book before, but I've never gotten this far, so it's been a very different experience for me.

So far, I've been enjoying it, and I'm starting to see where some of my obstacles and challenges are in my career and writing. I'm trying to push past my discomforts and continue to remember why I wanted to do this in the first place.

I have been able to see a change in myself when I stand back to compare where I was in mid-February and where I am now. I'm optimistic that the progress will continue, and my writing will benefit.

One of the biggest changes I've seen in myself is a shift in how I spend my time. Things I used to do to fill time or distract myself hold little interest to me anymore. Instead, I find myself drawn to things that have better purpose in my life: meditation, listening to music, writing, reading, yoga. I'm even taking a hiatus from Facebook for the next several weeks (more on that tomorrow).

I don't want to be (nor do I think I am) one of those people who gets all judge-y about people who watch a lot of TV, especially because I am/used to be one of those people. I can't say what is good or bad for anyone else except myself, and I know that, right now, The Artist's Way is helping me see what is best for me, and move away from things that are not good for me.

And that is making the whole process worth it.

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