25 March 2015

Getting used to a new phone

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to get a new phone. The one I had was working (mostly) as a phone, but lacked a lot of features I needed in order to work effectively when I was out of the office. Since I take Puck to and pick him up from school when the munchkins are with us, there are about fifteen hours a week that I need to be able to work from outside of the office.

I love my new phone. It has all the features I need for work (and some extra features), and has already proven that I made the right phone choice.

Of course, with the benefits of a new phone comes the challenge of a new phone. Specifically, I am transitioning all my information and contacts and things into the new phone. Since the old phone is still technically active and on a different network, I didn't simply port over all the data from the old phone. Instead, I'm entering it in by hand.

One benefit of this method is that I can drop information I don't need anymore. Like phone numbers of people I probably won't be calling. It's giving me the chance to declutter my phone from the beginning, which is beneficial. There's no reason to keep information I'm not using; it makes room for new, valuable information.

Now if I could just remember that the "back" button is not where it used to be, I'll be in good shape.

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