21 March 2015

On meditative music

I am in the habit of watching/listening to TV when I work. As strange as it sounds, I need some kind of noise in order to work.

But I'm trying to get away from watching TV and movies while I work.

So I'm trying to shift to listening to meditative music while I work. This way I can get the noise I want while I'm writing, but I don't have the distraction of hearing actual words, and I'm not tempted to get drawn into a story of a film or TV episode and end up watching just one more episode of American Horror Story before I get back to working on that project that's due today.

I've added a meditative music channel on Pandora, so now when I'm working, I try to remember to turn that on instead of streaming Netflix in the background. I think it will be better for my productivity, and will help keep me centered and focused. Meditative music is good.

Of course, if I need a little extra motivation, I can always switch to my Harpeth Rising channel.

What do you listen to when you write? Why?

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