29 March 2015

Renew your spirit with plans for more plants

The plants are continuing to accumulate in our home and on our patio.

What started as one philodendron has become four (I just started two new plants yesterday). I have/had three spider plants, but joined them into one pot because they seemed very unhappy after being separated. We have two kinds of ivy hanging on the patio, a miniature rose bush and an orchid that were gifts for Bo, two separate pots with bamboo, a tall purple-leaved outdoor plant I can never remember the name of, and the munchkins each have a small flowering plant they picked for themselves.

I want more. Now that the cool weather is behind us in central Florida, I am eager to add to my plants and flowers. I don't know what specific plants I'd like to add to my little collection. Though I would like a little shamrock plant and some herbs.

I love having plants around, especially when it's too hot and humid outside to leave our patio door open to let fresh air in. I love taking care of them, re-potting them to make them happier, and seeing glimpses of the beauty of nature on my patio and around my home. And the plants I choose usually need a little extra attention at first. I have the tendency to choose plants that look a little scraggly or neglected.

I've found it incredibly relaxing to take care of the plants, whether it be watering, pruning, or re-potting. I like feeling the dirt in my hands and seeing the plants happier and growing. It's therapeutic.

I wish I could have a big garden, but Bo has assured me that when we have room for it, we definitely will. Until then, the plants I have (and will get) will have to be enough.

Do you have plants in your home?

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