13 March 2015

Getting back into the office after an actual factual vacation

Nassau, Bahamas (March 2015)
Photo credit: Bo
Last week Bo and I took a little vacation to celebrate our first (dating) anniversary. We went on a cruise, which included stops in Cozumel and Nassau.

It was wonderful.

But it was also strange.

I haven't taken an actual factual vacation in quite a long time. I've taken time off here and there, but have remained in communication with work. In fact, most of the "vacations" I take usually include working at some point while I'm away. But this time I cleared my desk, put my phone away for the trip, and spent our five days disconnected from the things that have been wearing down on us lately.

Cozumel, Mexico (March 2015)
Photo credit: Bo
The first day was a bit of an adjustment for me. I'm not used to being disconnected from work (and from everything else). I kept wanting to check my phone for email and other messages.

By the end, though, I managed to forget about work and everything that's been waiting for me to come home and get back to reality. I was able to be in the moment with Bo, and I had an amazing time. Not only did we get to see new places (like Mayan ruins) and try new things (artichoke crepe), but we made new friends (Like Aviv, who will be coming to our wedding!) and incredible memories.

March 2015
Photo credit: RCCL Explorer of the Seas photographer
Bo and I have lots of places we want to visit together, and this trip was the first of many, many more that will fill photo frames and scrapbooks.

But now that we're back, I'm wading through emails and work messages and getting back into the office. I'm jumping back into work, task by task.

I've responded to the urgent messages and sent a few questions that need answering.

I've made my task list for the rest of the week.

I've updated my day planner with important dates, deadlines, and notes.

And I'm looking forward to using my new Explorer of the Seas coffee mug for coffee, even if it doesn't come with a smile from Aviv.

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