30 March 2015

Embracing my self

I started this year with big expectations for myself and lots of changes that I wanted to make. I was excited about what 2015 would bring for me on both personal and professional levels.

Over the course of beginning some of these changes, I discovered that some of them aren't going to work for me.

And I've discovered that a lot of the other changes I wanted to make were for the wrong reasons. Sure, I told myself it was because I wanted to improve myself, but it was really to improve the self I believed others wanted me to be.

These changes were not authentic to me.

So instead what I'm focusing on is making changes to be my more authentic self and embracing who I am.

Because I am enough.

Yes, there are things I'm continuing to work on in my life (a healthier, plant-based diet, meditation/yoga, holistic health approach, etc.), but because these are things that are important to me and not things I feel like I should be doing.

I am enough.

Are there things you do because you feel like you should? Why? How do you handle this feeling?

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