28 March 2015

Sometimes it's hard

Sorrow (1892) by Jozsef Rippl-Ronai
We're in a state of transition here. My work is changing, Bo's work is changing, and we're gearing up for the wedding in the fall.

There's a lot going on.

So it's understandable that there have been some chaotic moments in my brain.

On the one hand, I'm fortunate enough that I've been busy enough that I haven't had to think too much about these chaotic and anxious moments. On the other hand, the busyness of my life has kept me from taking time to ground and center myself, so I feel like I'm just floating through and not really anchored to anything.

That is not good for my anxiety, and it makes it hard sometimes.

One of the challenges I face is that I'm not used to having a real support system.

I had family and friends when I was struggling before (such as during the divorce), but my experience has been that when you're really struggling and people ask how you're doing, they don't want to know the truth. Not really. They may care about you, but they don't want to be there in the way you may need them.

It was a hard lesson to learn, but I've manged to adjust. I've learned that when people ask how you're doing, the correct answer is "I'm okay."

I've gotten used to it, but sometimes it's hard.

And sometimes I'm still not used to having a real support system with people who won't stop asking how things are going because they don't want to know how I'm struggling with the same things again and again.

Lots of things are in transition right now, and that's hard.

How do you handle hard transitions?

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