16 March 2015

Tink has two moms, but Puck has a Mama and a Bo

Puck and Tink adopted the name "Bo" for Bo one day after the realization that she didn't have a nickname like other people in their lives. I have a name, but they call me Mama. Monty has a name, but they call him Daddy. But Bo didn't have another name for them to call her.

So "Bo" was born.

We've been very open about how the munchkins have viewed Bo in their lives. we didn't want to force them to see her a certain way or push them into a certain type of relationship. Instead, we let things progress the way they progressed.

Now, when we ask Tink how many mamas she has, she answers that she has two, and that they are "Mama and Bo." She is proud to consider Bo a mom, and I think Bo is proud of it, too.

When asked the same question, Puck, on the other hand, tells us he has a mama and a Bo. He keeps the titles very separate, even if it's clear that his relationship with Bo is a mother-child relationship. And that's fine, too.

We're not caught up in how the munchkins see Bo. What matters is their relationships with her, and both of the kids love her. We are Bo's herd, and that's good enough for me.

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