14 July 2014

While the kids are away....

Puck and Tink are with Monty for the next three weeks for their summer vacation with him.

Yes. Three whole weeks without the munchkins. I know it's going to be a difficult three weeks, but I'm trying to stay positive knowing that I can use this time to sort of recover from the busyness of the summer and get ready for fall, especially with the minor major change that's coming in the next couple of months.*

I had a wonderful few weeks with my munchkins. We had adventures and made memories. They stayed up late and ate too much junk food.

We went to the beach. The beach is so much more fun with kids who build pools in the sand and run from the waves.

We went bowling. Bowling is so much more fun with kids who forget they get two turns in a row.

It was wonderful.

But now it's Monty's turn, so I'm faced with how to spend the next three weeks without them. And what to do to make these three weeks wonderful with Clara and Bo.**

Of course, there will be the obligatory working and cleaning and getting ready for Puck's kindergarten adventures. But there will also be movies and uninterrupted (hot) dinners with adult conversation and R-rated movies.

And it will be wonderful, too, in a different way.

*It's not really a big deal, but I can't talk about it yet. Sorry.

**Last reminder: Bo used to be called Yvaine on this blog. Now she's Bo. Everyone should have a Bo.

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