06 July 2014

Renew Your Spirit Sunday

I used to post Renew Your Spirit Sunday with some regularity. I got away from it, but I think it would be good for me to return to it, not from a religious point of view, but from a mental/emotional spiritual point of view. So it's back.

This week I want to talk about incorporating meditation into my life. While I'm by no means hardcore at meditating, I've been trying to incorporate it into my lifestyle more and more.

I've found that, in the instances in which I do meditate, I feel better and more present in my life. I'm able to let go of the stresses and obstacles that make me clench my jaw throughout the day.

I don't feel quite ready to sit and not think for twenty or thirty minutes at a time, so I'm beginning by doing yoga, and trying to concentrate on my movements and breathing during the yoga sessions. (Plus, I can use yoga to be working toward my health goals.) This will, essentially, be an introduction to meditation for me.

I think once I feel more comfortable with the meditative aspects of yoga, I will continue by doing more traditional meditation (at least when the munchkins are asleep or with Monty). I would like very much to be able to simply sit and be still, and I think meditation will be one path toward that goal.

Hopefully, the yoga, along with other positive steps I'm taking in my life, will help me be much more at peace.

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