09 July 2014

On vacation

After a glorious three weeks with Puck and Tink, they'll be headed to Monty for their three-week summer vacation with him. So we're ending our summer vacation with a trip to Mimi and Papa G's* house. It's just a long weekend, but we're all excited for the things we have planned, the surprises in store for Puck and Tink, and the time away from everything that wears on us day by day.

We've had a wonderful three weeks. We've gone to the beach, played outside, watched fireworks, eaten lots of delicious food, made crafts, watched movies, and enjoyed spending time together.

I think a mini-vacation is the perfect way to end these three weeks. After all the wonderful memories we made, we get to make more with Bo's family. And I can hold onto those memories while Puck and Tink are with Monty.

Of course, because of the time of year, I'll be taking my work files with me. I won't be working during our whole trip, but I will have to steal some time here and there to get some writing done.

And then when we come back, I'll have time to finish getting ready for the fall. Because this year is going by much more quickly than it should be.

*Bo's parents

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