19 July 2014

Preparing for a change

I've been living in my current apartment for almost a year. It's a nice little apartment in a pretty good location. But I always knew it would be temporary. I just needed a place to be until I got settled in Florida and worked a bit more toward my long-term goals.

Originally I planned to be in this apartment for at least two years, but there have been some happy changes in my life, so I'm taking the next 53 days to pack and organize and move.

The move is a good thing. It's progress toward goals and an exciting new chapter in life.

There's a lot to do in the next six weeks or so. I kind of hate packing and moving, but I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I haven't felt settled in a long time.

This move will be different.

Once we're moved in and unpacked, I'll be able to settle. Not because it will be our forever home, but because of the comfort and security that comes with this move. Our little family will be in a better place, and headed in a better direction.

So I'll put toys and clothes and dishes into boxes, I'll set aside items that won't be needed for a while, and by mid-September, we'll be on to our next adventure.

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