20 July 2014

Renew Your Spirit Sunday with art

Bo and I had a wonderful day. After breakfast at a nice little diner (where our server tried to ignore us and the other diners stared unapologetically*) we went to the Orlando Museum of Art.

It was quiet and peaceful and I loved the contemporary art exhibit. As always, wandering around looking at other people's creativity made me want to explore my own creativity in new ways.

We took our time and wandered, so we ended up going backwards through a few of the rooms. (Is there a backwards in an art museum or gallery?) We saw everything, then took a quick walk through the gift shop on the way out (I love a little shop), and decided we will likely be back. The contemporary art exhibit runs through September 7th, and when the next exhibit is installed, I'll be ready for my next reflective walk through the museum.

In the meantime, I'll have to do some searching to find out what other galleries are in Orlando that I might want to wander through. You can never have enough art.

*More on that in an upcoming post.

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