31 October 2013

Ordinary days

I've been struggling for the past few days to find something to blog about. I've had some things going on in my life, but I can't blog about them. And I'm just not feeling the other topics I've come up with.

I'm in a good routine now, and pretty well settled into my life here. Work is going well, the munchkins are doing well, and the coffee house book is progressing nicely. I'm in a nice, quiet period right now.

This is a good thing, really. As chaotic as my life has been over the past....well, couple of years....it's nice to have some time in which there's just life, especially before the holidays. I'll be traveling for both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, so November and December will likely be quite a bit busier.

The downside of this quiet time is that if I find myself with nothing to do, I get a sudden, panicked feeling and I'm sure I'm forgetting something important. So I'm working on enjoying the moment and being present rather than worrying about what's coming or fretting over what has passed.

It's a process.

How are things going for you?

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