18 October 2013

I have a new coffee maker.

So I bought a new coffee maker this week. I've been managing without one since I moved in to my new place (it's been hard, but I've been drinking a lot of Earl Grey tea), but I just couldn't do it anymore. I needed coffee.

So I bought an inexpensive, 12-cup maker with the intention of getting a nicer one when I decide whether I want a Keurig or a French press. Or a commercial-grade cappuccino maker.

I'm really glad I got to have coffee this morning, but then I remembered the challenge with a new coffee maker. I'm going to have a little trial and error until I get it right.

Coffee makers can be temperamental, and each one is different. So the way I've made coffee for the past two years won't work in this maker. So my coffee this morning was not awesome. Passable, but definitely not awesome.

Tomorrow's pot will be better. And, pretty soon, I'll have a Keurig or French press, and I'll be much more tolerable when my alarm goes off every morning.

And I may be making a stop at Starbucks while Puck is at school today.

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