20 October 2013


Tink has a lovie. It's red and pink striped sock monkey that was given to her at her first Christmas by one of my family members.

When she first got it, she called it "Monkey." But because her language skills were still developing, it sounded like "Muh-mee." Eventually, this developed into "Muppy" (by Tink), and now that's the lovie's name.

You never know what to expect for the toys kids will form strong attachments to. Tink also has a small plush Foofa toy (from Yo Gabba Gabba) she also loves, and I thought that might be her lovie for a while. It's smaller, so it was easier for her to carry and love on than Muppy initially was.

But there's something about Muppy that Tink has connected with, so that's her Muppy.

Muppy is a wonderful lovie. She has long arms and a tail that are perfect for carrying, and her mop of yarn hair on top of her head is another way to grab her when she's almost out of reach. Some of the stitching around her head has come loose, and there are several mystery stains on her. She's even a little taller than she once was since carrying her and pulling her by limbs and neck has shifted her stuffing a bit.

There have been a couple of times we couldn't find Muppy. I think I was as worried as Tink as we searched everywhere to find where Muppy could be hiding. Thankfully, we've always found her. I don't know what Tink would do if we couldn't find her one of these days. Mama might have to get Muppy's twin to keep handy just in case....

Do your kids have lovies? What are they? Where did they come from?

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