23 October 2013

Sick day

I had to take a sick day from work yesterday. It was one of those feverish, headache-y, can't sit up sicknesses. All I could manage most of the day was ice water. So when I got up, I took some medicine, drank some water, and went back to bed. The munchkins are with Monty this week, so I had the luxury of being able to rest all day.

I hate taking sick days, especially as a freelancer. Not only because I hate being sick, but as any freelancer knows, if you don't work, you don't get paid. There is no PTO in the freelance world.

The good news is that I started to feel better around 4:30 in the afternoon, so I got up and had something to eat, and did a little work before going back to bed again. It made me feel like the day wasn't a total loss.

And I got to watch a lot of shows on Netflix, so there's that.


Add a little caffeine to my life...