24 October 2013

Parent-teacher conferences

Yesterday afternoon, I went to Puck's very first parent-teacher conference.

I remember parent-teacher conferences from the other side. As a kid, I was always afraid of what the report would be. I mean, overall I know I was a good kid who did the work, but I also had a lot of anxiety that my teacher would tell my parents something I'd done wrong, or that I was not liked in the classroom, or that I'd be held back....

I didn't like parent-teacher conferences when I was in school.

But now I'm on the other side of it. I imagined it would be easier now. I'd get to hear about how Puck is doing, how I can help him do better, and be done. But I felt anxiety all over again leading up to the conference. What if Puck isn't doing well? What if I'm not doing enough at home to supplement his education? What if he's not making friends or getting along with the other kids or spends the whole time off on his own? What if he won't be ready for kindergarten next fall?

I know, but I'm a mom. I worry.

I didn't need to. Puck's conference went really well. Ms. VPK* is a wonderful teacher. She's passionate about helping the kids get ready for kindergarten, and she's done wonderful things for Puck. He's exceeding expectations in two of three areas, and meeting expectations in the third (though Ms. VPK is confident that he'll exceed expectations in the third area when he is tested again). He's socializing well with the other students, speaks up to make his wishes known or when something occurs that he doesn't like, and doesn't let other students get him in trouble. He's doing very well in school.

It was a good conference. I'm so proud of my boy!

*Not her real name. I know: shocker.


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