23 March 2010

What's in a name?

I know the title I give my coffee house book isn't the be-all end-all of the book.  I know that it could easily be changed on the recommendation of an agent and/or publisher.  I know all this.

But I still want a title.

I think I'm tired of just calling it "the coffee house book."  Now that I'm making real progress on the writing, I want a title to reflect the work I'm putting in, and my excitement about the project.

So I'm opening the floor to suggestions.  What would you title a collection of vignettes linked by a coffee house and its owner?  (Note: the over-reaching arc of the book is following a typical day in the coffee house through all these voices.)


  1. I don't know. I was thinking that "Coffee-Stained" might work well. It's short, simple, and (to myself at least) attention-grabbing.

  2. I like "Coffee-Stained" too, but "stained" may have a not so good vibe with some readers.

    "Tales from the Grind"
    "Stories from the Bean"

    I would pick up a coffee table book with a catchy title, but I'm sort of a dork so... ;)

    Good luck!!!

    xoxo -- Hilary

  3. If I didn't suck so very badly at titles, I'd offer assistance. In the meantime, may I throw my support to "Tales from the Grind"?

  4. "Mocha Memoirs"? I never title until I'm completely finished. Or I try to. That doesn't always happen. Good luck!

  5. Thanks for the suggestion, Kell.

    I've written these suggestions down, and I've added to them with my own. I'm going to narrow it down from there.

  6. How about Jolts of Java?

    I kind of like The Coffee Stained Writer myself. I spill coffee on myself all of the time! :D

    Tales from the Grind is nice, too.

    Good luck with your title!


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