28 March 2010

The fine print....

In honor of National Poetry month this April, I'm holding my first contest!  Here's how it works:

Send a submission of one of the following:

  • an original poem
  • a post (no more than 750 words) about writing poetry
  • a post (no more than 750 words) about reading/enjoying poetry
  • a post (no more than 750 words) about how poetry has changed your life

You may only send one entry no later than April 20th by sending it in the body of an email to me at coffeestainedblog (at) gmail (dot) com.  The subject line of the email should say BLOG SUBMISSION in it somewhere.  I will send a confirmation that the entry was received within 24 hours.  Submissions will be posted on the blog throughout April in the order in which they're received, exactly as formatted in the email.

You may comment on submissions as they appear, but voting will not begin until April 25th.  During the last six days of April, you may vote on your favorite submission (one vote per person, of course) by adding the comment "VOTE" to your choice.  If you vote more than once, I will count your first vote.  If you want to change your vote, you can email me with the subject line VOTE CHANGE.  In the email, give me the title of the post you're voting for.

I will tally the votes on May 1st, and announce the winner on the blog on May 2nd.  (The winner will also be notified via email.)

Now here's the part you're really waiting for: the fantabulous prize!

The winner of this spectacular poetic contest will receive this:

A set of three moleskine journals (5x8) with lined pages.

Perfect for continuing your poetic adventures beyond National Poetry Month.

You may begin sending submissions today, and the first submission will be posted on April 2nd (assuming it's received by then).  There will be only one submission posted per day, and I will add a sidebar with a running list of entries, and links to the posts.

Good luck, and happy scribbling!

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  1. Hi,
    I’ve added your blog to my post about the Hershey's Better Basket Blog Hop. Hershey will donate $10 for each blog post to the Children's Miracle Network, so if you have time to do a post, please do. But do it before April 4th.



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