22 March 2010

This Week's Task List

I have quite a bit to do this week in preparation for our Easter trip (we leave April 2), so the bulk of my task list is over on my personal blog.  But I do have some writerly things to do this week.

  • Continue working on the coffee house book
  • Continue rewriting Newly Wed (NaNo novel 2009)
  • Finalize prep for ScriptFrenzy
  • Continue working on the grant application
  • The Artist's Way tasks for week 8
    • Goal Search (#1)
    • Color Schemes (#3)
    • Things you're not allowed to do (#4)
    • Ideal Day (#6)
    • Ideal Ideal Day (#7)
  • Start looking for poems for National Poetry Month on the blog (that's right, folks! It's that time again!)


  1. It seems that there are a lot of things you need to work on. It is good when we do this kind of lists where everything we need to focus on at particular periods of time. I love this idea of the National Poetry Month because it encourage people to be thinking about poems and literature. It is cultural and it engages people so much that they Can’t stay on task thinking about being the favourite. At least that is what happens to me.
    Anyways, you are so lucky that you are leaving for Easter! I wish I had a trip planned...
    Well, keep it up, nice blog!

  2. Thanks so much for the comment! I'm glad you like the blog!


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