21 August 2013

Challenge: Day Two

I accepted a challenge from the wonderful CCB to find three things that go right every day. I intended to blog about yesterday's "right things" before bed, but it just didn't happen, so I'm doing it today instead. And that's okay.

I didn't go back to bed after breakfast!

My mom works nights at her new, awesome job, so when she got off yesterday morning she called to see if I was up, and took me to breakfast. It was really great to get to talk to her uninterrupted for a while. After we ate, we even walked next door to the sporting goods store and looked at golf clubs and gear. (She's in the market for a set of clubs.) It was a nice little outing to start my day, and even though I was tired, I didn't go back to bed afterward. And that was a major victory for me!

I didn't give in to "easy" food options.

I'm working on transitioning my diet (and lifestyle) to fully vegan. Right now I would say I'm "mostly vegan." However, when I went to the store yesterday to get a few things, I made the conscious decision to not get "easy" food options (for example, frozen meals or deli meat) and stick to healthy, ethical options instead. As a result, I picked up some salsa (not the healthiest, but better than many alternatives), edamame, and almond milk. It may take a little more effort to make a meal rather than popping a frozen meal in the oven, but I know my body will thank me.

I finished another project for a regular client.

I have a particular client that often has regular work for me, which is wonderful. I love doing the projects, the client and I work well together, and I know I can usually count on this client for work any time. I finished another project, which is good because even though I love doing these projects, some of them get a little more tedious than others. This last one was pretty tedious. As in, I was frustrated and couldn't wait to finish this project. I was worried I would have to finish it today, but I got it done before bed last night, so yay!


  1. I think that thinking of three things that go right every day is a good exercise in positive thinking. I don't know if I could be a vegan, though; I love cheese and milk.

  2. Cheese has been the biggest challenge for me, too. But with all of the vegan alternatives available, it hasn't been too bad.


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