24 August 2013

Challenge: Day Five

Yesterday was a strange day for me. There were some things that frustrated me (immensely), so it became even more important for me to focus on what was going right.

I think as it's getting closer to time for me to leave everything behind and start over in Florida, everything I'm doing to move is becoming more real. Especially because there's so much I've decided to not take with me so that I can either get rid of what I don't need and am not using, or replace some of my second-hand pieces with something I want.

In that way, moving to Florida really will be a fresh start for me. I'm in my new job (well, back to an old job, but still), I'll have a new place to live, new stuff to make it a home....

I'm trying to be positive about the fresh start aspect of the move. But it's hard because of the leaving-everything-behind aspect of the move. That part gives me a little knot in the pit of my stomach. So focusing on what's going right is helping. So yesterday...

Despite being tempted by fast food, I stuck to my diet and ate healthy, vegan leftovers.

When the kids are gone, it's easier for me to justify eating out. After all, it's just me. But I have good options at home for healthy, vegan meals. I may have to take a little extra time to cook what I have (which is why I was tempted by fast food), but I know it's a smarter--and more cost-effective--choice. So I had left-overs from my vegan enchilada skillet thingy instead of running out for food. And I felt better afterward. I know that if I'd gotten fast food, it may not have been vegan (limited choices here in central IL), and it certainly wouldn't have been as healthy. So yay me!

I got a lot of work done.

Yesterday was a big work day. I made progress on a client project (that I'll be finishing up this afternoon and evening). It's a fun project (it has to do with Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby), and I'm enjoying working on it. The good news is that when I'm finished with this one, I get to finish up another project that has to do with Wilson's Ma Rainey's Black Bottom. Days like that, I love my job.

I gave myself a break.

I know that there is only so much I am physically capable of doing. And I know that I'm doing all I can. And that sometimes, I need to be okay with giving my eyes a rest or sleeping more than four hours. Yesterday, when I ate supper, I didn't work through it. Instead, I let myself relax while I ate, then got back to work afterward. It was exactly what I needed. It gave me enough of a boost to push through the rest of the night.

What went right for you yesterday? How about over the past week?

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