27 August 2013

Big plans in motion....

The decision I'm waiting for has been a little delayed. I'm optimistic, but I don't know yet. So there's waiting on that.

In the meantime, though, I'm working toward some of my big plans. The ones that are on a longer timetable. I'm excited about things that are coming, and trying to be patient for them. There's a lot that has to be done before I'm able to be where I'm headed, but I'm making progress, and I'm happy about it.

I sometimes get ahead of myself when I make big plans like this. I see the excitement of the end result and focus on that rather than the individual steps I need to take in order to get there.

Sometimes, this is useful. It keeps me moving forward toward my goals, knowing that even when hiccups occur (or large obstacles), as long as I keep moving I'll get where I need to go.

Other times, it's frustrating because I know there's so much to do before I get there. Today is one of the frustrating days.

I'm eager for what--and who--is to come. I know how much better it will be for everyone, and I'm happy for it, even if it's not here yet. After everything that's happened over the past couple of years, my life is going to change even more than it already has. And in a very good way.

The thing is, I've spent a good deal of time sort of in a holding pattern over the past couple of years. I've had plans, but things had to be sorted out first. It was frustrating to have goals I couldn't even work toward. And now that things aren't on hold anymore, I'm more than ready for the next part.

Still, I'm making progress, and I'm glad for that. I'll try to be patient as I continue stepping forward, knowing I'll get there eventually.

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