09 August 2013

A busy week coming to a close

 This has been a busy week for our family. And while tomorrow will be another busy day because I'm taking the munchkins to Monty, it is coming to a close, and will be marking the start of a couple of weeks of all-out chaos until I move to Florida and start to get settled.

Last Saturday the munchkins and I went with my mom, sister, brother's girlfriend, and two nieces to the St. Louis Zoo. It was a long, exhausting, fun day with the kids. I'm glad we had a day for all the cousins to be together like that before the big move to the Sunshine State. I have mixed feelings about zoos in terms of animal rights (I'll be posting on that another day), but it was a fun family day.

On Sunday we had a birthday party for Puck--who is now proudly four. After the party we drove up to my dad's house to spend a few days with his family. We kept busy for those few days, too. We celebrated Puck's actual factual birthday, walked to the park to play, went swimming at the local rec center, and went to Wednesday evening services at my dad's church (I'll be posting on that another day, too).

We left yesterday after supper and drove straight to my sister's house so the munchkins could say goodbye to Cousin Bug since she'll be at her dad's house this weekend. Tonight we have a family dinner, and tomorrow a long drive to Chattanooga and back.

There have been times I've wished this week that we could have more quiet time with nothing to do so I could just be with the munchkins. But there are times I'm glad we've been busy and on adventures all week to keep my mind off what comes next.

This move is going to be a difficult one for me. I don't have a support system in Florida yet, so I'm leaving my whole world behind to start new, alone, in Florida.

It's probably going to suck for a while.

I know that it's a good decision (for a lot of reasons). And I know that, in the long-term, it's going to be good. I have an excellent career, I'll have the kids.... and who could argue with being able to golf year-round? And good memories to keep me grounded until I get to see my family again.

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