18 September 2008

Caribbean Elite to Set Sail Sep. 27

EP--The first-ever Elitist Bastard luxury cruise will be setting sail on September 27, 2008 for a Caribbean cruise designed to bring out the best in the guests onboard.

The ship, christened the Caribbean Elite, is a 300,000-ton cruise ship able to hold up to 700 passengers, though the captain of the ship, NP, explained, "We don't offer staterooms to more than 100 passengers at a time. We don't want people thinking anybody is welcome. [The ship is] strictly invitation only. We've been given the Elitist status by the World Elitist Board for a reason."

On August 8, Dana Hunter, founder of the Carnival of Elitist Bastards and inspiration for this luxury liner, was asked to christen the ship as it entered water for the first time at an event promoting the ship and its first voyage. The press was not allowed onboard, and there is currently no information available about the interior of the ship. All guests were asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to booking their staterooms, but, being elitist bastards, none of them did.

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