03 November 2013

Sometimes it's the little things

I had to go to the store today to pick up a few things. I'd planned to wait until the munchkins were with Monty to go, but since the clocks fell back an hour they got up this morning way earlier than I anticipated, and we needed something to do. So we all went to the store together.

Along with the few things I needed, I bought myself some new pens to hold me until I find somewhere that sells the pens I really want, a new journal (since my current one is almost used up and I journal more in cooler weather), and I let the munchkins each pick a new toy to bring home. They'd been really good for me throughout the week, and we all deserved a treat.

Puck, whose current obsession is all things superhero, chose a Leonardo action figure of Ninja Turtles fame. Or, as he says, "Too-Nit Ninja Turtles." It even comes with little weapons that snap inside his shell. Puck is in love.

Tink was harder to please. I tried to interest her in a baby doll, action figures, legos, books.... she finally decided on a plush Minnie Mouse. She loves her new Minnie, and even introduced her to Muppy, making the two of them hug. My kids are freaking adorable.

The munchkins are totally absorbed in their new toys. They haven't even acknowledged each other for the last twenty minutes (which is probably a good thing since they've been bickering most of the day).

Sometimes you just need a new toy to change your perspective and set the day in a new direction.

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