29 November 2013

A day is just a day until you make it a holiday

I didn't celebrate Thanksgiving yesterday. Monty had the munchkins and I'm not going to Illinois until tomorrow (due to client-related excitement), so I spent Thanksgiving seeing the great pictures of friends and family celebrating and nursing another spectacular cold.

But it doesn't bother me.

Holidays don't have to be holidays in my family. There have been many times my family has celebrated holidays on days other than when they're "supposed" to be celebrated for one reason or another.

When I was a kid, I remember helping my dad put up Christmas lights in July after he came home from the Gulf War so we could have a Christmas together.

So I'll be celebrating Thanksgiving all week long next week when I get to spend a few days in Illinois with family and friends. I'll eat a lot, have some wine, and make lots of memories with people I love that I haven't seen in too long.

It doesn't matter to me whether I celebrate holidays on the actual day or any other day of the year. The important thing to me is getting to celebrate with friends and family. A holiday can be any other day, and any day can be a holiday. All you have to do is decide how you want to spend the day.

Speaking of which, how was your Thanksgiving (if you celebrated)?

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