09 November 2013

How's your NaNo?

This s technically the second weekend of November, since the month was kind enough to start on a Friday, which is nice for WriMos. (Ends on a Saturday, too. Isn't that nice?)

This is a good weekend to keep pushing through on your word count. It's still the beginning of the month, so chances are, you're still scribbling away happily, and making good progress on your novel.

I don't mean to scare you, but there will come a point this month where you'll sort of hit a wall. Or at least a hedgerow. And you'll slow down. You may feel like the story is stuck or you'll want to go back and read what you've written or something that will dull the magnificent glow of the first part of the month.

That's okay.

It happens when you're writing a novel any time of the year.

The important thing is to keep writing now. Don't worry about what's coming next, either in the month or in your story. Just keep writing. Focus on the excitement and watch that word count rise every moment you spend at the computer (or typewriter or notebook or parchment).

You've already been writing. You know what to do and how to do it. So just keep doing it!

Happy scribbling!

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